Link Paypal Account to Microsite

Paypal Merchant Account parameters

Open the Site Admin->Site Details->Payment Integration Details, and enable Paypal payment provider. Then choose Paypal from the drop down and enter the parameters as explained below.

If setting up integration for paypal checkout flow, don't select 'Direct Pay' check box.


Login to your paypal merchant account and collect the details as mentioned below.

Step 1:
Go to My Profile,->My Business Info, and copy the value of Merchant account id. This value you need to set in Business Id  input field

Step 2:
Go to  My Profile,->My selling tools->

Step 2.1
Click on Website preference. On the next screen, Turn on Auto return and specify the return url as

Then Enable the Payment Data Transfer, and copy the Identity Token, this is the value you need to set in PDT Id field


Step 2.2
Click on API access, and then choose Option 2 and click on View APISignature

From the next screen copy the api username, api password and api signature and set them in API Username, API Password and API Signature parameters respectively.

Step 2.3
Click on Instant payment notification, and enable IPN option

Step 3
(a)Enter the following value in Paypal API Url

(b) Add following custom properties in Site customization tab 


For paypal Sandbox

For testing in Paypal Sandbox, use following values



User payment flow ( PayPal checkout option ):

In checkout flow on payment page a 'Buy Now'  button appears. If user has a coupon, user can enter coupon code and then click Buy Now.

Buy Now option navigates user to Paypal site, There user has two option for payment either using paypal account or Credit card.