Automatic Free Access Codes

Set the custom property AUTO_USE_COUPON_CODE in Site Details->Customization to use this feature.

If you have situation where you want to make the courses and programs paid for most users (general customers) and free for some (employees and preferred customers), without having to create different sessions for different groups, use the automatic coupon codes. Automatic codes allow you to give free access to selected groups on any course session, program session or everything in micro-site.

How the free access codes work:

  • You can create free access coupon code for certain groups. Two types of coupon code can be set.
  1.  Pre-approved coupon - User can directly enroll in the course. if a group associated coupon is setup.
  2.  Require approval on use - User self enrolls in the course but enrollment will be activated after group admin approval.
  • When the learners access course catalog, system checks whether there is any free access code configured for any group where the learner is a member
  • If a valid free access code is found, learner is shown Enroll button in the catalog, otherwise they would be shown Buy button
  • Upon enroll action, code would be used to enroll the user in the session. In pre-approved coupon user will be directly enrolled in the course. In 'Require approval' coupon code group admin will receive an email to approve the enrollment and once approved, user's enrollment will be activated.

To create the free access code for multiple groups in a single step, from the coupon codes list page click on Create multiple codes.

Select the groups you want to to create code for and move them to the right by clicking on the > button.

Learner's view (from the group which doesn't have free access code)

Learner's view (from the group which has free access code)


There are two ways to control subscription through automatic coupon 

A. Setting subscription expiry using coupon end date

When setting coupon for customer/partner groups having a definite subscription period. Coupon end date can be set same as customer's subscription expiry.

Add a custom property SUBS_EXPIRY_WITH_COUPON=true in site details -> customization tab.

In group specific coupon enable setting 'Set membership expiration to coupon expiration' , When a user enrolls using this coupon code (or coupon automatically gets applied), users membership end date in course session/program member is set same as coupon end date.

Subscription renewal process :

When customer/partner's subscription gets renewed, Coupon end date can be updated and along with that using 'Sync Members Expiration Dates' feature, users membership expiry in programs/course session can be updated with new end date.

B. Managing Subscription through Coupon Code 

For managing subscription through coupon code a custom property can be added - ENFORCE_ORG_SUBSCRIPTION=true

Using this setting User's new enrollment and access to already enrolled items are controlled through user's group associated valid coupon.

1. User (member of customer1 group) - can enroll in a CS/PS/EV if a valid coupon exists for 'customer1' group.

3. When accessing an enrolled item - If coupon that was used for enrolling this item has expired, user's access will be blocked. 

4. When accessing an enrolled item - If coupon that was used for enrolling this item is active but user is not member of coupon's associated group (user removed from that group), user's access will be blocked.