Event Waitlist Feature

For an online training event or classroom training, a max subscriber limit can be specified to control how many users can participate in that event. A waitlist setting is also available that can be enabled for the event. If the waitlist setting is enabled, users can enroll as a waitlisted member once all of the event's seats are fully booked.

For a fully booked event, the catalog shows the waitlist option for enrolling a user as a waitlisted candidate. Once a user enrolls in an event as a wait-listed member, the event appears with a wait-listed status on the user's dashboard.

Once a seat is available due to a cancelation or by increasing the seating capacity, a site admin can manually confirm a waitlisted user's enrollment.

Waitlisted seats can be confirmed automatically once a seat becomes available. This process can be enabled using the option ''Auto confirm waitlisted when seat becomes available''. 

Create an event, specify max subscribers limit, and enable the waitlist option.


Event Catalog View

Event shows 'Enroll' button until seats are available. 

User Enrollment

Users can click the enroll button, signup/sign-in, and complete the enrollment in the event.

Event Participants Tab

The Participants tab shows the counts for max seats, confirmed seats, and waitlisted seats.

Catalog View with 'Add to Waitlist' button (All seats are full)

Event Overview page

User enrolls as a wait-listed member

When a user enrolls as a wait-list candidate, the user's dashboard events panel shows the event with a waitlisted status.

Event participant tab shows users' status in the event as 'Waitlisted'

Status as 'waitlisted' is presented in the event's Participants list for waitlisted candidates.

If an event's auto-confirmation setting is enabled, a waitlisted participant's membership gets confirmed when a seat becomes available. If the auto-confirmation setting is not enabled, an admin can manually confirm a waitlisted member when the seat is available (max seats are increased or users unsubscribed from the event).