Creating online quizzes

Boot Camp: Day2

Creating online quizzes

Do you have a need to add quizzes along with lessons in your training courses, or do you want to conduct some online exams or surveys? EduBrite provides all the capabilities to create and deliver these by eliminating the need to use any other external authoring tool.

The online quiz editor provides a simple user interface to create questions in a test or survey. Once you have completed the creation, these quizzes and surveys can be added in a course (just like adding lessons) or can be scheduled as an exam.

The embedded quizzes in course are delivered by the course player while trainees are going thru the course, and you can use them to assess the trainees knowledge after they complete a lesson. Exams allow you to conduct a scheduled test and invite participants for it. You can use the exams for compliance, certification, recruitment or assignments.

Learn more about the Quiz Editor here.