Configuring site user interface with placements

Boot Camp: Day6

Configuring site user interface with placements

When you signup for EduBrite business, you get a completely customizable microsite which allows several customization capabilities to meet specific user interface requirements of your organization. Several of these customizations can be done from the Site Details page e.g. changing the color scheme of the site or adding a custom logo.

The next level of customizations are done using Site Placements. For example if you like to change the header and footer of the site, or complete change the stylesheet (CSS) for your site you can do that by adding your custom content or code in the placements. The list of placements can be seen from Site Admin menu and each placement can be edited online. You can change the menus, tabs and links in header and footer by making changes in Header and Footer placements.

Learn more about the User Interface Customization features here.