Conducting exams

Boot Camp: Day5

Conducting exams

Any training program is not complete without some sort of assessment. Thru assessment you can measure the effectiveness of your training content, trainer's quality and what else the learner needs to be trained in. A carefully designed assessment can not only measure subject matter knowledge, but also personality and soft skills part in any person. Assessment is also required for meeting several compliance requirements.

EduBrite allows you to create online exams where you can schedule one or more tests for a specific time period. Each exam have participants which can be added by the exam creator or participants can self enroll. During the exam, a user will go thru all the questions in the test and select or enter the answers. At the end system will produce the results and other insights into the user's performance.

As an exam administrator, you can get detailed reports on all aspects of the assessment at candidate level and overall.

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