Combining video and documents to make great courses

Boot Camp: Day1

Combining video and documents to make great courses

Using an online training system is generally complicated for an instructor or administrator, because it almost always requires some elearning developer to create SCORM courses first. Once the courses are ready then they can be uploaded in LMS. Many LMSes don't allow any kind of course creation or just provide some basic web page creation functionality.

EduBrite has simplified this process by allowing anyone to use almost any content and convert them into nicely structure courses in no time. There is no need to convert all content into SCORM. EduBrite has focussed on making it easy for everyday content creators like team leads and managers to be able to make their own courses without learning SCORM.

Are you wondering how to make good use of your existing content for training. EduBrite course editor (which you can launch from Course->Create Course menu) makes it very easy to just drag and drop any content item from your computer into the course. You can then add any video or just link a YouTube video to make the content even more effective. The trainees experience is seamless for any content type, they see all the content through a Course Player widget which allows them to navigate thru the slides, lessons and quizzes in the course.

Learn more about the Course Editor here.