Reusing courses for multiple batches of trainings

Boot Camp: Day4

Reusing courses for multiple batches of trainings

EduBrite makes it very simple to reuse your training courses for multiple batches of trainees (or students) by implementing the session concept. Each course is treated as a resource which can be delivered in multiple sessions. Each session resembles a class, which allows enrollment, collaboration and other features. You can also create bundled training programs by adding more than one course in a program.

This way if you are planning to offer several self paced courses, trainees can either enroll in courses individually or can subscribe to the entire program. And the whole program can run in many sessions to allow repetition for many batches.

EduBrite also allows you to create targeted trainings for specific groups. You can create customized bundles of courses in different groups to meet the needs of specific audience.

Learn more about the Course Delivery here.