Course Editor - Scorm Properties

Course Editor provide few properties for scorm items to customize course player view for scorm module.



Properties Details :

  • Open in new window: This setting allows launching SCORM module in a new window or in same player window. By default scorm is opened in same window.

New window View : it provides full window for scorm and top left corner arrow is for closing this and returning back to old window.

Same Window  : if new window setting is not enabled, scorm will open in the same window using player full area 


Same Window with TOC visible : If 'Course's table of content visible' is also selected then Course outline will be visible while scorm is playing. Show/hide TOC icon is present on the header of course player.

  • Launch scorm automatically: as the name suggests, this setting makes the course player launch the scorm without requiring launch button to be clicked inside the player. This is useful especially when you have multiple items and you want to launch next item after the previous one is completed, without requiring user to explicitly click Launch button. Note that enabling this has a side effect that module description screen would not be visible to learners in the course player

Manual Launch ( By clicking Launch button)

  • Gradable: by default all modules are gradable, and would be shown in the gradebook records, but you can uncheck this option for any module which may be just a resource. Even when a module is not gradable, it can still be made mandatory to complete.
  • Mandatory: make this module mandatory to complete, before any next item can be accessed in the course. It's used for enforcing linear learning.
  • Don't lock next lesson: This property should be used along with 'Mandatory' if want to keep scorm mandatory but no locking for next item. User is allowed to take items in any order.
  • Course's table of content visible: Scorm by default uses full window, if want to show course outline enable this settings.
  • Hide previous/next buttons - If you are not opening the scorm in new window and it contains an exit button or some way learners can close it, then you can hide course player's previous and next buttons using this option
  • Exclude from Linking - Using exclude linking property a scorm can be excluded from sharing even if course is shareable.



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