Build Courses using SCORM

Using Scorm Content

EduBrite allows you to use externally created SCORM 1.2 and 2004 content in your courses easily. You can add one or more SCORM in your courses, add optionally add additional quizzes and other lessons with downloadable content. You can also provide course completion certificate automatically once user completes the course. EduBrite allows you to deliver the course as a course session by scheduling it and enrolling learners for each course session. You can not only track complete-incomplete / pass-fail status, but also the time, scores and detailed question wise outcomes (interactions) for the scorm.

Let's look at some examples of how to bring the SCORM content and package them as courses for delivery.

Adding SCORM in course

SCORM can be added directly in the top level inside a course, or inside a module or topic. To add scorm, select the course or a module/topic from the course outline in the editor.

Then you can use one of the toolbar buttons or right click and select Add SCORM 1.2 (most commonly used) or 2004 options.

On the next step you can enter the name of scorm module and select some properties (this can be done later also). Read more about specific properties here

After that click on the Next and on next step, select a Scorm zip file for upload, or just drag and drop the scorm Zip file in the content region of the editor (you will notice the content region background will change to light yellow when you drag a file over it). You can also link to an existing SCORM in another course you have already created. Upload of Zip can also be done from Dropbox.


Once the file is uploaded and it is a valid scorm file, you will be able to see its metadata.


1. If you already have an existing course session, you will not see new SCORM in that session until you publish the course from the editor.

2. To update the SCORM zip file, do not delete the SCORM module from the course, rather just select the SCORM module in outline in editor, and drag and drop the new file. 

Caution while updating SCORM:

When you update a SCORM module by uploading a new zip file, make sure the Ids contained inside the SCORM are not changed. Otherwise any learners who were in progress or have already completed the SCORM would get an error, while looking at their transcripts or while re-launching the SCORM. This happens because run time data already stored in LMS corresponds to an older ID which no longer can be found in the new Zip file.

E.g. check the screenshot below, which circles the two ids you should not change, when creating a new package that you want to use to replace an existing package in LMS.

If you absolutely need to change the Ids, then after uploading the new package, while you are in editor, hit the following URL manually. Construct the url by changing site url, and course id with your own site and course id.

The above command fixes existing records (runtime data) by changing stored id with new id available in the zip file that is presently uploaded.

Single SCORM module in the course

You can have a course, that only has a scorm module in it. Make sure to make it mandatory, if you want to accomplish auto award of certificate.

Multiple SCORM modules

You can add multiple scorm modules in the course easily. When you create course session and learners who are enrolled in it go thru the course, their progress and completion status in each module is tracked.


Progress and status in each SCORM is tracked and is used to determine overall completion status of the learner.

SCORM and Quiz created in EduBrite

You can also create additional quizzes and add to the courses, besides just the SCORM modules and having to embed quiz inside them. And these quizzes can be made mandatory, so user must pass them in order to complete the course.

Multiple modules with SCORM, Additional Resources and Quiz

You can easily create hierarchical structure in the course organize your SCORM modules along with any additional content you may want to provide to learners. These resources may include viewable content (in course player) as well as downloadable files. Read more about providing downloadable files here

Completion Certificate

In the course, you can provide automatic generation of course completion certificate, which is provided to learner, when they finish all SCORM and other mandatory items in the course


Scheduling for Blended / Instructor Led Delivery

You can also set availability dates for each SCORM module in the course. You can also enforce end dates so learners can access specific modules according to the pre-set schedule.


EduBrite permits re-attempts on SCORM modules, for all delivery inside the course session. Also all attempts by the learner in a course session on a given SCORM module are tracked using same attempt-id.  In case your module had quizzes and it send the interaction data (question wise attempt details) to LMS, all interactions on all questions would be stored and reported, including ones from the re-attempted questions.


EduBrite platform supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004 (3rd edition) packaging and Runtime specs (EduBrite doesn't yet support sequencing control, which are part of scorm2004 spec).



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