Replace Scorm Content

Replace Scorm Module

Instructions to replace scorm package with a new package.

1. Open course and click edit to open in edit mode.

2. Go to Content tab and in Course outline click the module that needs to be replaced.

3. Course Editor right panel shows Uploaded scorms properties like Id, Version etc.

4. Drag and drop the new scorm zip file in right panel, You will notice right panel color change.

Once file dropped, It will show progress bar.

After upload completed, You will see a green checkmark that shows file is fully uploaded. Click close.

Scorm content has changed. Publish the course to reflect changes to learners.


Caution while updating SCORM:

When you update a SCORM module by uploading a new zip file, make sure the Ids contained inside the SCORM are not changed. Otherwise any learners who were in progress or have already completed the SCORM would get an error, while looking at their transcripts or while re-launching the SCORM. This happens because run time data already stored in LMS corresponds to an older ID which no longer can be found in the new Zip file.

E.g. check the screenshot below, which circles the two ids you should not change, when creating a new package that you want to use to replace an existing package in LMS.

If you absolutely need to change the Ids, then after uploading the new package, while you are in editor, hit the following URL manually. Construct the url by changing site url, and course id with your own site and course id.

The above command fixes existing records (runtime data) by changing stored id with new id available in the zip file that is presently uploaded.


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