Email Notifications

The application allows the site administrator to view the list of all emails that have been sent (or scheduled for sending) from the system to each and every user of the microsite. The list can be accessed through the menu item Site Admin -> Email Notifications. The list can be filtered based on

  1. User to whom the email is being sent
  2. Date range
  3. Email Category
  4. Status (Sent / To Be Sent / Failed)

The list would provide with information like user details (username, email, email preference), email category, scheduled date of email delivery and the current status.

In case the email has already been sent, the actual date of delivery is shown. In case the email delivery failed, it would indicate the precise reason of failure.


For all sent emails, the site administrator has the ability to see the actual email that was sent to the user. The email can be seen by clicking the magnifying icon available against each of the email.