Site Introduction

Site Properties

A site has the following basic attributes

  1. Product Type - (Business Assessment OR Business Full)
  2. Current plan and expiration
  3. URL - This identifies a site uniquely. This is the URL through which the site would be accessed
  4. Name - Name of the site
  5. Email - Email of an authorized person
  6. Owner - Site owner
  7. Phone Number - Phone of an authorized person
  8. TimeZone - Appropriate timezone for the site

Except the product type (which is chosen during site creation only), current plan (chosen as part of ugrading the plan) and URL (change done only by EduBrite support team), all the other properties can be edited through the menu Site Admin -> Site Details. The properties can be modified by site administrators only.


Controlling the Behavior and Appearance

The behavior of the site can be tweaked to a great extent using the toggle switches that have been made available to the site administrators. These include the security, integration, social and UI aspects. Refer to Controlling the Behavior through Options for more detail. In addition a large number of attributes have been provided for site administrators through which they can fine tune the working and appearance of the site. Refer to UI Customization for detail about how a theme can be set for the site.


Change the Look and Feel

The look and feel of the site can be customized by selecting a theme from the available list.



Various contents that are created in the site (eg tests, questions, courses, events etc) can be tagged for easier search and retrieval using five dimensional metadata values. A site can be associated with a given metadata set which suits the industry and specific requirements of the site. Once the site is associated with a metadata set, the content authors can then tag their contents appropriately with the given metadata set. For more details about how to create and use a metadata set refer to MetaData Details.


Site Members

Based upon how the site administrator has set it up, people can become members of the site on their own or an administrator can create site users. This can be done through Site Admin -> Create Users menu item. Administrators can control the role that a member would have (role is mandatory), optionally have dates through which the membership would be valid and forcefully inactivate/reactivate a user. Currently three roles are available to the site administrator. Only one of these can be assigned to a user

  1. Administrator  (Performs all the administrative functions and is considered as a super user)
  2. Instructor (Content authoring and acts as an instructor)
  3. Learner

For more details about how to create and edit site members refer to User Administration.


Site Messages

Sometimes there is a need to post some common messages (bulletin board) for all the site members. These are usually regarding some important news items or announcements and are time sensitive. This can be acheived through the Site Messages which is exclusively available to the site administrator.