Site Plans

Site Plans and Limits

Each microsite is considered to be having a specific site plan, which then dictates the max user limit and also the payment plan (price and payment frequency). When a user initially signs up for a free 30-day trial, the microsite would be associated with a TRIAL plan (which is a free 30 day 25 user plan). After the end of the 30-day free trial, the site owner selects a specific paid plan which best suits their needs. The conversion to a paid plan happens as soon as the payment is successful.

The current site plan can be seen through Site Admin -> Site Details -> General Details.


Notification on Reaching User Limit

The application automatically sends an email to the site owner if the site user count exceeds the site user limit as per the subscribed plan. However quite often a site owner might want to receive this notification in advance (ex 5 users before the site user limit). This can be achieved by specifying the actual number of users (crossing which would trigger the sending of the email) in the Site User Threshold Notification email setting. Navigate to Site Admin -> Email Settings -> Administration. Keep the "Site User Threshold Notification" email ON and specify the number in the corresponding field. The site owner would then receive a notification on a daily basis as long as the current site user count is above the specified number.