Course Specific Reports

Course Specific reports provide detailed view of learning activities across all courses in the site.

Course Enrollment Report

This report provides listing of all enrolled trainees in all courses in the site. It provides a bar chart that shows statistics about monthly enrollment/completion/not-started members count.

  • Filters : There are various filtering options available in this report, You can filter by  courses ( single/multiple courses) or course-session and search by username and course completion status. Group wise filtering allows selecting group hierarchy and filter result for a subgroup members only.
  • Save Search : A save search option is available to create a report filter and save it for future use.
  • Reports data : Data shows members course last access date, total time spent, course session enrollment start/end date, completion status, completion date, Status ( Courses session access active or ended) and a information link that shows course itemized progress,Grade and links to access other details.
  • Report Download : Download link allows to download report data in csv format. Download link downloads the data present in the current page, to download all pages data 'Download All' option is available.


Course Enrollment Report - Group/sub-group filter 

If you have setup a group hierarchy, you can check reports at a sub group level also. When you select any group from drop down, a second drop down would appear which would show the child groups. This is useful when you have a common parent group where course session exists and users from multiple sub-groups are getting enrolled in the same course session.

Course Enrollment Report - Save Search Function

To create a new search filter - select all the filtering options you want to use ( like - course name, CS Name, Date Range, Status etc) then click 'Save Search' link, a popup appears to enter search name, enter a name, If want to make it sharable with other site admins/Group admins then select the sharable checkbox and save search.

New saved search will appear in 'Saved searches' dropdown. When a saved search is selected from the dropdown it fills all filters values saved as part of that search.


View All (Saved Searches) -

View All link present just below Saved searched dropdown, Lists all available searches (global + user's private searches), List provides an option to deleted saved searches those were created by that user.


Downloaded Report Data:

Reports downloaded data contains 2 types of details user properties and user's course session enrollment data.

User properties in downloaded data - Downloaded report contains following user specific columns (By default).

Username Name First Name Last Name Email User Status

If you have added user custom property on your micro-site and  want to add any custom property in this downloaded report you can access - site Admin - user properties - edit and enable print setting for that custom property.

Format for Course Session Enrollment Data :

There are two formats data can be downloaded in this report.

1. One record for each CS enrollment

  This is the default format, each row shows user's single enrollment. If a user is enrolled in multiple course sessions, there will be multiple rows, each row containing individual course session and CS specific data ( enrollment dates, total time spent, points, grade, Award status, Award date,CS amount, Coupon Name ( if used for enrollment).

2. One record per user having 10 course sessions data in single row. -

To download reports data in columnar format, There is a check-box present to select option 'Download users course data in columnar format'. If option is selected and reports data has maximum 10 course sessions in result data then only data will be downloaded in this format otherwise it will use default format.

In columnar format - Report creates a header row allocating section for each course session ( up-to 10 course session), report will show single record per user and shows user's enrollment details for each course session in corresponding CS section ( specified columns as per CS Name in header)

Test Scores Report

This report provides listing of all test scores, which correspond to embedded quizzes in the courses. These quizzes can be taken as part of a course (preview) or a course session (as a enrolled member). To filter the data for a specific user, click on  icon in the listing. To view a detailed test attempt, click on the name of the test.

If report is filtered on a specific test/survey - Two additional download links appears to download question responses and question statistics.

Lesson View Chart :

This report shows bar charts with lesson's views count. The report can be filtered by course, courses session and date range.


Test Attempts Chart:

This report shows bar charts with test's attempt counts, for tests embedded in the courses. The report can be filtered by course, courses session and date range.


Activities (Who, What, When report):

Activities report shows listing of activity log by trainees in a course session. You can get answer to all kinds of who did what and when from this report. The report can be filtered by course and course session.


Grades Report:

Grades report shows the trainees grades in a course session. The grades are calculated by applicable grading scheme for the course session. If a custom scheme is not created then default grading scheme is used. Grades listing can be filtered by course and course session, date range.


Scorm Reports -

Please use scorm reports details link to access scorm package,activity,sessions reports.