Program Reports

Program enrollment and program dashboard reports are available for accessing learners program enrollment/completion data. 

Program Enrollment Report

Program member reports provide detailed view of trainees in any program. This report can be filtered by Group and Program within the group. Further filtering can be done by date range, user name, user's custom property values. Save search option is available to save filters values for future usages.

A graphical view for presenting learners monthly enrollment,completion and not started statistics is available on program enrollment report. Similar program specific graph is present on program overview page. 


Clicking on any user name from the data listing opens the Program Member details page which shows current status of the trainee in all courses inside the program, Earned Credits and 'Edit' link to update program membership details ( program access dates, completion status etc).

Edit Members Details 

User program members details like Start Date/ Due Date/ Completion Date can be updated. User can be manually awarded the program or award can be reset.


Program Dashboard report

Program dashboard report provides learner's progress in program and completion status/date in program's courses. Multiple filters are available to filter report using groups, learner name, user's custom property and user's program enrollment period/completion period/due dates etc. Download and download all options are also available to download reports data.