Site Reports

Site reports provide a view of overall activities happening in the site, e.g. logins, test attempts, course views etc. Following reports are provided in this category

Usage Metrics

This report provides graphical reporting of daily activities counts in the microsite. You can choose the specific activity type from the drop down, and can also filter the report to show data from a specific date range. This report can be used by the administrators to visualize site usage at high level.

Filtered for a specific Activity

Usage Details

This report is an extension of previous report, and provides daily activities count by each user in the site. You can filter the report for specific activity type, date range and for a specific user. To filter the report for a specific user, just click on the username from the list of data. Similarly to filter for an activity type, just click on the particular activity in the data. You can view daily activity counts as well choose to show aggregate count in the selected date range


  Aggregated Activity Count in a Period


Usage by a specific user


All Test Scores :

This report provides a single view of all test scores in the site, these scores could come from practice test attempts, exams, course, course sessions or assignments. The scores can be filtered for a date range, To filter the report for a particular test, just click on the name of the test from the data listing. The data from this report can be downloaded to a CSV file.