Training Dashboard

Training Dashboard

The training dashboard provides an easy to use tabbed user interface to open assigned courses, exams, and all other information you need as a learner. You can launch courses right from your dashboard, and keep track of completed courses and exams.

Enrolled Programs

This tab shows a list of programs in which a user is enrolled. It also shows a quick stat of the #of courses pending/completed for a given program.

Clicking on View Details opens up the program member's details

Enrolled Courses

This tab shows a list of all assigned course sessions, progress, and completion status. You can launch the course player directly from this tab.

Enrolled Events

This tab shows a list of all assigned events (offline/online class, assessment exams/surveys). You can join the class or take the test or survey from this tab.


This tab shows a calendar view of instructor-led events as well as scheduled events (e.g. surveys or exams). It shows both enrolled as well as available events. You can click to view the details about a specific event.

All Courses (Preview courses)

(Preview courses run without any tracking, they are similar to a resource. They should not be used in formal training delivery. If you want, you can turn off this tab from the training dashboard by changing Gilly's settings).

This tab shows a list of courses available in the microsite which are either site level or authorized to groups of which you are a member. If the courses are authorized to be viewable without a course session, you will get a Launch button to go through the course without any enrollment.

Available Course Sessions

(Gilly doesn't support payment-based enrollments. So if you are creating course sessions with the Paid access type, they would not be available for enrollment from within Confluence).

Courses can be scheduled in one or more course sessions (based on the dates and duration). This tab shows the list of course sessions which are open for enrollment and belong to any group of which you are a member. You will see an enroll button, which will allow you to enroll in the session.

Upcoming Events

This tab shows the events (scheduled online/offline class, assessment exams, surveys) from your groups which are open for enrollment. You will see a Subscribe button to enroll in any event, depending on your authorization.

Test Collections

This tab will show a list of groups where you are a member, and which have at least one authorized test. You can drill down into the group to see the list of tests, and can take the test. These tests are generally the ones which are created for anytime practice by the microsite administrator. 


Test History

This tab will show a list of all tests which you have taken or which are launched but not yet finished. You will be able to see the scores of your past tests from here.