Gilly Open Learning (Confluence server)

Open learning in Confluence Server

Gilly now allows open learning lessons to be accessed within confluence.

Basically open learning is way for learners to provide quick learning using single lesson. Learners can search for the lessons (Videos, Presentations, Documents) based on their specific needs and launch single lessons. To know more about open learning  click here

Make sure you  open learning in your LMS plan. In order to enable open learning available for users in confluence (as admin) for enabling.

a ) Go to Gilly Settings 

b) In User Interface Tab and click checkbox "Show open learning" and save. 

This is onetime admin setup.

Following steps shows, how users can access open learning.

1. You can view  the open learning within confluence as following

2. Once on list page we can see  following sections  of lessons in open learning (depending on whats configured or based on user activities)

  • Featured
  • Recently Viewed
  • PopularView
  • My Playlists
  • Group Playlists
  • Site Playlists
  • Random Picks

We can go to full view of each section by doing view all. We can also search using text box as shown below.


3. Once we click on launch, lesson player will be invoked. Additionally we can also view related lessons section on right.

There are menus to add to playlist / rating / comments  below lesson player.