Automatic re-enrollment in training

There are certain compliance trainings those students/employees need to repeat yearly/bi-yearly or every 2 years. These trainings can be setup with a certificate validity period and training completion record will maintain the certificate validity and due date to retake that training.

Setup Flow

1. Create training course 

   Setup a course with training content (lessons, quizzes/survey etc).

2. Create a program 

   Create a program,add course and at program level specify other settings.

  • Award validity expiration - a period in days can be specified or a date can be set that will be used for certificate expiry date.
  • Reattempt - By default a user can take a program only once but if you want to allow multiple attempt, select reattempt option. 
  • Auto Enroll in Next Session - If you want to setup an automatic enrollment in nest session process that can be done by enabling 'Auto Enroll in Next Session' checkbox.

Note - These settings are available only if custom property 'PROGRAM_REATTEMPT=true' is present.

  3. Program Session Creation. 

Multiple Program sessions can be created so that system can enroll user in next available session if 'auto enroll in next session' setting is enabled. Sessions are created in a manner so that system can setup a sessions sequences based on session's start date. 


If automatic enrollment is not required, coming years sessions can be created when users need to repeat the training.

User's Training  Flow

Enrollment in first session - User can be enrolled in first training session by site admin or self enroll if course session is available for self enrollment. 

Users dashboard - Dashboard enrolled courses panel will show enrolled training and due date, User calendar will also show enrollment date and due date. 


User completes the training - Course is marked completed along with completion date validity date also gets set based on validity period specified in program. 

Next Session Enrollment - On completion of the course session, system will automatically enroll user in next course session (next session is picked using course session start date sequence), Due date in next session will automatically will be set same as user's previous session's certificate validity expiry date.

User dashboard - 


Program Member Report

Program member report shows user's each attempt's details, Due Date, completion date, Validity Expiry etc. There are multiple search criteria to filter trainings those users need to take in coming month or quarter. 


Learners Report 



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