Using Articulate Storyline with EduBrite

Here are some quick tips for using your SCORM content created in Articulate, in EduBrite. Read more about general SCORM usage in EduBrite here.

HTML5 output

While publishing the content from Articulate, select HTML5 option, and either SCORM 1.2 or 2004.



Select one of the two methods in reporting and tracking options, which is either Passed/Failed or Complete/Incomplete. It doesn't matter much though, in EduBrite the completion status of the entire course would get tracked and reported.



In the tracking options, you can choose to complete the course either by number of slides viewed criteria.

or by quiz score (if you have included any quiz in the SCORM). If you have quiz in the SCORM but if you still selected completion based on the number of slides viewed, articulate doesn't send the quiz responses. It only sends quiz responses when you have selected track using quiz result.

Setting player size and output slide size

To set these options, go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, and click Player.

When the Player Properties window appears, click Other.

Choosing the player size and output slide size :

Select option - Scale player to fill browser window:

* This option makes your published course fill the learner's browser window