Using the video/audio conferencing within Live Class

Using the video/audio conferencing within Live Class


1. Enter into the live class from your Home page or course session page, by clicking on the Start / Join button



2. Notice the icon next to Host label, it should show connected icon (move your mouse over, it will show the connected or not connected status.




3. Click on the webcam icon


4. Make sure to allow the flash plugin to access the camera and mic on your computer, this dialog will show up when you



5. Click on the Red button to start the video/audio streaming from your computer. You can adjuts the Video size by selecting other values from the drop down (default is 160x120), the bigger the size you select, picture quality would be better, but will need more bandwidth and fast network connections both from the host as well as people who are viewing. You can also adjust Frame rate (default is 10), if you increase it, the camera will respond to the video movement faster, but will also require faster connection to transmit. 





Troubleshooting common problems in Audio/Video  

1. If you are not seeing the connected icon, then check if there is any firewall on your computer, or in your network which blocks RTMP port 1935. Setup your firewall to allow outbound access to this port.


2. Check the flash player version in your browser, as per, if the plugin version is below 11.0 then try to update it.


3. Check if your camera is getting recognized by the flash plugin, as per

  • Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh) the application image while live classroom is loaded in the browser 
  • From the context menu, select Settings, and then click the Camera tab.

If no camera is shown by the flash plugin in the drop down, then check if there is any other application which is interfering with the camera. 



4. Check whether Mic is enabled in the live class widget, you should see a drop down of installed audio capture devices, one of which should be your microphone. 



5. Check the Mic gain level, make it 100%


6. Check whether selected mic is actively responding to your voice or not, by opening the settings panel of flash plugin (similar to step 3 above)