Welcome to EduBrite!

Welcome to EduBrite!

If you are trying EduBrite for the first time then this article will guide you through the next steps and essentials.  


Getting Started 

Key concepts used in EduBrite - Getting familiar with basic concepts used in EduBrite such as microsite, test, course, course session, event, user, group etc.

User management - Create Users menu or create bulk users using csv

Authoring - Short video tutorials guide on how to create online tests, surveys, courses, add quizzes to course etc.

Course Delivery - Create course session and enrolling users with various access and duration

Learner's Experience - Learner's experience in taking courses and learner's guide


In-App Help

While creating tests/surveys or courses, in the test and course editor you will see a question mark sign () in the toolbar to provide contextual help. Also, you will find a similar sign at the header to provide quick contextual FAQ and a quick way to open a topic in the EduBrite Support Center. 

Tour feature (last navigation menu item) is quite useful for learners to get familiar with LMS in a couple of mins.


EduBrite Users Community

We are here 24 x 7 to provide any assistance you need. Once you become EduBrite customer then EduBrite Support Team is your primary point of contact for all LMS related support. EduBrite Support can be reached by opening a topic in the users community at EduBrite Support Center. Here you can also find information about upcoming webinars and latest tweets from EduBrite (or you can follow us at @edubrite).

Note -

1. A site owner of a microsite can use the same username and password to login to EduBrite Support Center. All other administrators need to register first to create a topic.

2. Release Announcements - To keep yourself informed of system enhancements and updates, you can filter Announcements in Communities.

Note - During free trial contact EduBrite sales team (sales@edubrite.com) if you have any questions or interested in a demo.


Opening a topic

Follow the steps below to open a topic :

1. Select your Forum from the All forum dropdown e.g. EduBrite Users Community -> 1. Discussions

(Note - if you have a private support group then select your own group)

2. Click a "Create Topic" to open your request.

Note -

  • Make sure that you have logged in to create a topic
  • Provide request details and specifics including screenshots to fasten the resolution. 
  • EduBrite strives to provide the best support. In order to support you efficiently and in a timely manner, EduBrite has laid support structure and policies so please review them here.

Additional Support Resources

Open Learning - Short video tutorials, which can be searched and filtered easily

Knowledge Base - Wiki style articles provide great insight, examples, use cases and tips 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions searchable for various categories

Course Catalog - Courses to get familiar with EduBrite

Webinar Channel - Recordings of the past webinars

Quick Reference Guide  (Downloadable PDF) - A handy reference about EduBrite LMS's various features and how to perform specific tasks.