Support Structure and Process Overview

The following table outlines the support structure and escalation flow to address simple end-user inquiries to more complex technical issues requiring EduBrite expertise and triaging the issue and/or questions:

Table 1 - Primary support and secondary support responsibilities

 Level  Support Group  Description
 Level 1  Customer Service (Customer)

Customer Service to end-users (trainees who would use the LMS) is provided by the owner of the microsite (customer) and it is the initial contact point where all end users of the microsite will report their issues or ask questions.  The function of this support level is to provide the primary communication channel for end-users as well as to provide basic inquiry handling. Customer’s personnel will isolate Platform Services issues from other types of user inquiries and escalate the platform issues to the EduBrite Customer Support team.

Responsibility: Customer or customer designated 3rd party

 Level 2  Customer Support (EduBrite)

Product Support is provided by EduBrite Customer Support team to authorized, designated contacts trained or certified on our products.  The Product Support team has ultimate responsibility for problem resolution of the EduBrite platform and manages all technical escalation into EduBrite engineering via support processes. 

Responsibility: EduBrite


Severity Levels

Report the case/topic to EduBrite Support team via online user community. When reporting use the following Severity definitions to categorize the nature and impact of the problem you are experiencing.

Table 2: Platform-related issues (only for the production instance): Severity Levels and Response Time

 Severity  Definition

 Response Time*

 Urgent  A condition whereby the product is substantially inoperable in a post-launch production instance with a high impact to multiple users of the site and a mutually agreed upon workaround has not been implemented in such a way that the issue has been mitigated.  2 hours
 High  A condition whereby a substantial product feature is not working in the production instance or a substantial performance problem exists which causes the product to perform poorly, impacting multiple users of the site.  A workaround is available and can be implemented.  4 hours
 Medium  A condition whereby the product malfunctions but user operation is not substantially impacted. Also appropriate for low impact product inquiries.  12 hours
 Low  A condition whereby a cosmetic product or documentation error exists and user operation are not impacted.  1-2 Business days for errors. Response time might vary for other queries. 


Table 3: General queries (Non-platform-related issues): Response Time

 Severity  Definition

 Response Time*

 Low  Appropriate for "How-to Questions", general Q&A on using specific feature/functionality, setup, integration with other systems, product enhancement requests.  1-3 Business days. Response time might vary depending on the questions
 Low  Appropriate for data management requests e.g. data deletion / un-deletion / data updates requests.    1-3 Business days. Response time might vary depending on the questions

* Response Time - Refers to the time between a case/topic was created by the Customer and EduBrite acknowledges.


Table 4 - Examples of Severity for platform-related issues

 Severity  What Is

 What Is Not

  • The microsite is not accessible
  • Critical feature(s) not working which leads to almost non-usability of the site
  • Data Integrity problems
  • Site performance issues such that navigation become unusable to the majority of users.
  • User’s account is locked or he/she forgot the password.
  • Non-critical feature not working as desired
  • Also important feature not working but not creating entire site disruption
  • Configuration change request
  • An issue that impacts a single user
  • All critical feature malfunction not covered under severity 1
  • One or more non-critical feature not working and affects a large number of users
  • Performance-related issues not covered in severity 1 if affects a large number of users
  • The performance-related issue for a single user
  • Adding, modifying & general administration of user accounts.
  • Problems with Reports 
  • Performance issue which is Isolated or affects a small number of users
  • One or more non-critical feature and affects a limited number of users
  • Request for cosmetic features which improves the overall experience of the site users
  • Anything not covered in severity 1, 2 and 3    
  • EduBrite product How-To questions (Refer table 3).

Note - In case of any doubt regarding severity in any specific case, the customer is free to contact EduBrite through support email.