Site Custom Properties

Specify custom properties in the Site Details->Customization tab. All these are optional and are used in special cases. If you need to use these properties, just specify the name of the property followed by = followed by the value. Put each property on a new line.

For example:



Property name Description
DOWNLOAD_ORIGINAL_LESSON Enables users to download the lesson in its originally uploaded format. By default, lessons are downloaded in PDF format, but this setting overrides that behavior.
SIGNUP_FIELDS A comma-separated list of optional fields to be shown on the Self Signup page. Allowed fields are - FIRST_LAST_NAME, REFERRER_EMAIL, PHONE.
DISABLE_CACHING Completely disables caching of course lesson files which prevents them from getting cached in the temporary downloaded folder by the browser.


Date/time formats used throughout the application. To check which format is being used on any page, enable the dev mode, as explained here.


META_KEYWORD Keywords metadata to be added to the site pages
CUSTOM_TEST_INSTANCE_REPORT_TEMPLATE Customized report template ID for the test attempt
CUSTOM_TEST_INSTANCE_PDF_REPORT_TEMPLATE Customized PDF report template ID for a test attempt
CUSTOM_RESULT_ITEM_REPORT_TEMPLATE Customized report template ID for an event item (test in an exam)
CUSTOM_RESULT_ITEM_PDF_REPORT_TEMPLATE Customized PDF report template ID for an event item (test in an exam)
HELP_LINK Override the Help URL


Default currency code (USD, AUD, EUR, and INR are currently supported currencies)
FILE_UPLOAD_MAX_SIZE Max file upload size
FILE_UPLOAD_TYPE Comma-separated file types which need to be uploaded. Ex:  XML,log
BROWSER_FULL_MODE Do not use Full-screen mode of flash in course player; instead, maximize the player inside the browser

The interval between slide to slide advancement. Enter the value in milliseconds (i.e. 10000 for 10 Secs).


Height of the course player widget. Default height is 670px. You can specify a different value using pixel notations.

E.g.  CP_HEIGHT=620px


Width of the course player widget. The default width is 100%. You can specify a different value using pixel or percent notations.

CP_WIDTH=800px   or 


AUTO_SYNC_COURSE_SESSIONS When a new module or topic is added in the course and it's published, automatically sync the existing course sessions so the newly added module/topic becomes visible through those sessions. Otherwise, the course session has to be synced manually.
Allowed values: true, false.
DEFAULT_OWNER_GROUP_ID Set the course and test owner to this group. Specify the group ID of an existing group here. If the user who is creating the course or test is not an admin or instructor in this group then the ownership of the test or course would stay with the user only (which is the default behavior).

Don't show assignments in the course player (from inside course session).
Allowed values true, false.

DISABLE_DEFAULT_TRACKING Do not add the Google tracking code. Allowed values: true, false
OVERRIDE_PERSONAL_PROPS Set this to true when you have defined custom user properties and do not want to show system defined default properties on the personal tab in accounts and settings.
Allowed values: true, false
EMAIL_OVERRIDE_AT_GROUPS Allow email templates to be overridden at the group level (if you like to use different email templates for different groups). Allowed values: true, false

List of menu IDs to hide from site instructors. e.g.MY_GROUPS,HELP,MY_ENROLLED_PROGRAMS,REP_PROGRAM_MEMBERS

CS_LIST_ENHANCED Enable enhanced list view which shows the logo of the course in course/course session lists. Allowed values are true or false
OPEN_OVERVIEW_AFTER_ENROLL Go to the Overview tab of the course session, instead of going to the Launch tab after the enrollment is completed (self-enrollment or purchase). Allowed values are true or false.
SHOW_ALL_EVENTS Show all events in the calendar without authorization checks. Allowed values are true or false.
PARTIAL_NAME_SEARCH Enable searching of any word in the title of course or course session on Course List, Course Sessions List and Catalog pages. By default, the search starts with the first word. Allowed values are true or false.
ENABLE_VELOCITY To enable velocity scripting.
DEFAULT_AUTHORIZED_GROUP_IDS Set the group ID to automatically authorize courses in this group.
PPTX_SPLIT To enable the PPTX Split option [needed for voiced pptx]
LARGE_COURSE_CACHING Enable caching of large courses (e.g. having more than 500 lessons)
COURSE_EDITOR_OPTIMIZE Optimize the editor for loading large courses with single slides (parts) to load only main files and not parts until needed.
PDF_IMAGE_DENSITY Default image density (indicator for resolution) generated for lesson page images (for html5 player). The default is 150.
DISABLE_EMAIL_WYSIWYG_EDIT Disable WYSIWYG editing of email templates.
DOC_WIN_PDF Enable precise conversion of Word documents uploaded in courses (using Windows - MS Word). The default behavior is to use OpenOffice which sometimes is not as exact as a Word document.
DISABLE_PARTIALLY_CORRECT Disable showing partially correct question counts in test results. If disabled, partially correct counts will be treated as incorrect.
ENABLE_TEST_WATCH Enable the configurable JavaScript callback mechanism from the test widget.
AUTO_ENROLL_UPON_LAUNCH Auto-enroll the learner into the course session upon launching the course player (useful when embedding as using macro in Confluence)
UPLOAD_TRANSCRIPT Enable transcript upload in course sessions.
COURSE_RATINGS_STAR Two types of ratings are supported - Star and Thumbs Up/Down. By default, the thumbs up/down type is applied, but it can be changed to the star rating using this setting.
CSM_CSV_ADDL_DETAILS=true Learners report, CS members download we can add additional information like %lessons completed, Scores, etc
BLOCK_ADMIN_ANY_EMAIL_GM=true By default, Group level allowed domain check is not enforced for enrollments by site admins. This property can be used to extend that enforcement for site admins as well. 


By default in a Test/Survey, all question mandatory condition blocks the user from moving to the next question without answering the current question but Finish allows the user to submit the test.

This setting blocks the test/survey FINISH action without the learner having answered all questions.


To hide the test results from learners when the test is part of a course. In the test, select the result visibility option 'Not Visible' and add a site-level property of 'WITHHELD_RESULT_IN_COURSES=true'. With this setup, the test attempt status will be set as 'evaluation pending' and will not be visible to learners. 
SHOW_EV_RES_ON_CONF To hide the resource tab on the event from users who are waitlisted or are in pending approval status. By default, we show the resources tab of events to unconfirmed users also, as resources may include normal informational items you want to provide. 
PRINT_TEST_SOLUTION=true To include question solutions in the test download (pdf)
SHOW_BIG_BANNER_OVERVIEW=true To show big banner content on course overview after enrollment
Opening package without iframe.

To turn off browser compatibility mode.

Mainly users report - using IE11  but still seeing old browser warning message.