Customizing Labels

EduBrite provides simple ways to override the default captions (labels) used throughout the application, to meet customer's specific needs. These labels can be customized using the placement named Custom Labels. You can access the custom labels placement from Site Admin->Placement

  • Custom lables syntax follows name=value format
  • Edit the custom label placement, and add on each line enter the name of the label you want to change, and specify the value you want. Value must be on the same line


How to know the label names?

So how you can know what labels to change, here is a easy answer. You can enable viewing the label names (instead of actual text) by appending devset=true in the addressbar. This will start showing the label names when you view any page in the application. E.g.

If you are on the tests listing page, you can append &devset=true to the addressbar and press enter. The page would load and you will see the names of the labels now. As you visit any other page, you can see the label names as well, you don't have to append the parameter after that. To end this behavior, just append devunset=true to any page's url and press enter.