Course Subscription and Delivery through API

Before the microsite can be accessed through APIs, it needs to be configured for API access. Learn more about how to configure the site in this document. Keep the encryption as off for this purpose. Also get an idea about API authentication and all about API calls.


Course Delivery for a new user

  1. Perform the API authentication as specified in the Authentication document. Keep the returned session_id and session_info cookies values on the server side.
  2. Collect the registration information from the user in the browser
  3. Create the user on your side
  4. Call the User Creation API to create the user on EduBrite server
  5. Call the Course Subscription using Coupon Code API to subscribe the newly registered user to the course session using a valid coupon code
  6. On successful user creation and course subscription call the User Login API in order to create a session for the newly created user. Return would be an XML containing the session_id and session_info values for the new user
  7. Create an iframe on your page by using the following URL in the source. This would start the course browser for the new user. You would need to specify coursesessionid, session_id and session_info. The last 2 were obtained in the previous step. CourseSessionId is the id of the course session which you have set up in the microsite.

<iframe src='http://<sitehost>/oltpublish/site/<course_session_id>& sessionId=a&sInfo=b' border='0' FRAMEBORDER='0' style='width:1000px;height:600px;border:0px solid #000;margin:0px; padding:0px;'></iframe>


Course Delivery for an existing user

  1. Perform the API authentication and hold on to the session_id and session_info information
  2. Create the user login for the specific user and get the session_id and session_info for that user in the returned XML.
  3. Use these values to create the iframe and use it on your page