Api - Group List

Group List

This API is used to obtain the list of groups, both for a specific user (user subscribed groups aka my groups) and all groups available in the site. For each group, the API returns the group id, group name, total current member count and group owners name and username.


API Details

Signature of API call

connection.invokeApi(String uri, String realUserName, Map<String, String> requestParameters);

See details about invoking API in general


Parameter 1 - URI



Parameter 2 - UserName

Username of the user (for my groups) and site admin(for site groups)


Parameter 3 - Request Parameters

Name Value
dispatch listMyGroups (listSiteGroups)
xml true
pageSize Optional - Default value is 0

Optional - default value is 0.


to fetch multiple pages, this api needs to be called multiple times, with value for currPage parameter 0, 1, 2 .... upto the total number of items available from the api. 


First call to the API carries a response XML which contains information about the total number of items available.

numItems total records in the list, must be specified for 2nd page onwards. You can get the count of records from response of first page. then pass it as-is in subsequent pages.



Response on successfully getting the event list

HTTP Response Code = HttpServletResponse.SC_OK

Response XML

<response code="0">

      <groups numItems="3" currPage="-1" pageSize="10">

         <group id="c4f78d58-c31b-11e1-a74c-e96024937694">

         <group id="db960dec-c31a-11e1-a74c-e96024937694">
         <group id="e48b628e-c31b-11e1-a74c-e96024937694">




Code Snippet


    /*  Check API Call for detail generic code */
    Map<String, String> parameters = new HashMap<String, String>();
    parameters.put("dispatch", "listSiteGroups");
    parameters.put("xml", String.valueOf(true));
    parameters.put("pageSize", "10");
    String retStr = connection.invokeApi("groupService.do", "adminusername", parameters);