Video lessons with Captions and Subtitles

Subtitles and closed captions open up your content to a larger audience, including hard of hearing viewers or those who speak languages other than the one spoken in your video. Subtitles/Captions (SRT/VTT) files can be uploaded for the video lessons using the course editor.

How to upload subtitles/captions file?

Add a video lesson to a course using the course editor. Once the video is uploaded, you get an option to upload a subtitles file. Click on the Upload Subtitles/Captions link to open a form to upload the file. Select the language from the dropdown and upload the file. Multiple subtitles files can be uploaded.
Note: When an SRT file is uploaded, the system will convert and store it as a VTT file. The main reason for this is the HTML 5 does not support SRT textTrack. With this conversion, there is no loss in the features. SRT has limited functionality compared to VTT.


How to make a subtitle language as the default

By default, the subtitles will be OFF. Any language can be made as the default by hovering over the subtitles list and clicking on the green checkmark icon. To remove the default subtitle, click on the green tick mark icon again.

How to delete a subtitles/captions file

Any language subtitle can be deleted by hovering over the subtitles list and clicking on the red cross icon.


How to select subtitles on the player?

Any lesson that has the subtitles files uploaded will have a closed captions icon on the player controls bar. Using the closed caption icon, the subtitle language can be selected or turned off.


WebVTT file 

The files that contain the actual subtitle data are simple text files that follow a specified format, in this case, the (WebVTT) format.
Sample VTT file  and Sample WebVTT file content: