Custom User Attributes (advanced)

Custom user properties can be setup using - User Properties option present in Site Admin menu. Any number of custom fields can be added. Fields can be setup of type - Text, Dropdown, Date, Radio Button/Check boxes, password. Custom properties can be set to - show on signup/ show on profile. Group specific properties can also be setup those will be applicable for group members only.

There are few predefined user properties (User First Name, Last Name, Phone, Referrer email). those can be enabled to show on signup page if needed. For details please refer to Signup page customization.

To Add new custom field - click Add New


Once fields are added You need to publish the changes to show these fields on signup and profile pages -

Describing fields

For each field, you can specify name, caption, type, mandatory, searchable and length

name Name of the field (No space allowed)
caption Name of the field shown on user interface
Description Description will be placed on the signup page below the custom field.
type Allowed types are - text,text area date, password, dropdown, checkbox, file
length Length of the text field (to determine size of the text box)
mandatory Field is mandatory on users accounts page and registration page (if added on signup page). 
searchable Show the field as searchable in user listing
visibleOnProfile Whether to show this field on user's profile page or not.
show on signup Capture this field on self signup form (if site's UI settings 'Capture custom properties in Signup page'  is turned ON)
show on signup page only Show this field on signup page only, fields wouldn't appear on accounts & settings page.
Show this field only on site admin and site instructors accounts & settings page. Fields wouldn't show on learners account page. 
Fields those can edited/viewed only by site admins. Not available on learners accounts and settings page.
Groups Show this field only for members of specified group on user's accounts page.
print Print this field in CSV download (currently available download options at - course session's member listing, view users, course enrollments report)
Default Value  
Localized Caption  
Localized Description  
On Change Script  
On load Script  

Drop down fields

A custom dropdown field can be set by using 'type' as drop down. For dropdown type field, a values tab will appear. dropdown list items will be added in Values Tab. For Each item Id, Value and Aliases can be added.


Additional settings for dropdown items : 

In default settings list dropdown field appears as a dropdown list item and allows single item selection.

1. Multi Selection can be enabled for a field by checking 'Multiselect' checkbox.

2. List can be presented in a radio/checkbox view on signup page if Radio/Checkbox option is checked. If it's a single select field values will appear as Radio button, in multi select values will be presented as checkboxes.


Date Field in Accounts & Settings

Drop down Field in Accounts & Settings

Custom Field in User Search


Custom Field in CSV download:

Custom fields can be set as print enabled. Those fields will be included in csv download for Course enrollments report, Program enrollments report and User List download.


Collecting Additional Fields from users during self signup

Once you have added the custom field definitions, you can use custom property GOTO_PROFILE_AFTER_SIGNUP (Site Admin->Site Details->Customization) by specifying its value true to force users to go to Accounts and Settings page after they complete self signup.

You can also enable these fields on the self signup page by enabling setting 'Capture custom properties in Signup page' present in Site Admin -> User Interface tab.


Creating / Updating user's custom properties

Creating users (in bulk) with custom properties is similar to how you upload a CSV data from Site Admin->Create Users. What you do in additon to having username, firstname, lastname and email is add custom property values for each user in the input. The first line in the CSV should consist of field postion declaration (header) information, and must begin with # (hash) character.

You can follow any ordering in specifying the input fields, just mention the same on the first row  (header).