Survey Creation

EduBrite platform allows administrators and instructors (Refer to User Administration for more detail about roles) conduct surveys across all or a group of users of their microsite. A set of survey questionnaire can be authored using the Online Quiz Editor. The survey can then be delivered as

  • Time bounded (eg from one day to another). This is usually acheived by wrapping the survey within an event which by definition runs within a certain date range.
  • Time unbounded. Delivered in the raw format without wrapping it in event

The users who are asked to take the survey could be all site users, all members of a group within the site or could be only a predefined set of users.


Creating a Survey

Use the menu item Test -> Create Test to start creating a survey


Check the Is Survey property. Duration is not a valid property and will not be available as soon as the Is Survey checkbox is checked. Specify the name of the survey and also the number of questions that would be part of this survey. Click the Save icon. These would open up eight tabs. Most have default values except the first tab, Test Content. This tab is where the actual questions of the survey are specified.


Follow each of the article corresponding to each tab as specified below.

Test Content  - Contains the survey questions

Properties - Number of questions, allow survey taker to specify comments for every question etc

Authorization - Specify who would be authorized to take the survey

UI Options - Options to control the appearance of the survey for the survey taker

Objectives - Specifies objectives (if any) that would get computed whenever a user completes the survey

Adaptive - If the survey questions need to be delivered in a custom order based upon some defined rules

Custom Props - Allow defining custom properties which can be used to write rules

Sections - Create multiple sections as part of the survey


Once all the required properties in the tabs have been specified, submit and approve the survey.