Enforcing Access Control

Enforcing Access Contd..

Last week we shared some tips about restricting access to course or specific modules/topics in a course. This week we are continuing on the same topic and sharing some more tips which will allow you to get even more flexibility while setting up the course session for your courses.
  • Allowing access to course session for N days: Sometimes you might have a need to grant users access to the course session for specified number of days from the day they get added in the course session. This can be accomplished by editing the course session, and setting a value in Max Subscription Days property. Once this is set, any new enrolled trainee’s end date gets set automatically. 
  • Setting start/end date of trainee in course session: While the previous feature allows automatic assignment of end date for a trainee, you can always set the start and end date of a trainee manually in a course session. Trainees get access to the course session only as long as their start/end dates permit. To do this, just open the member details from the course session members listing. 
  • Rolling start/end dates: Normally you can restrict access to a module or topic in a course session by setting a start/end date of each module/topic in a course session. But when you have to give access for fixed number of days to each trainee (regardless of when they join), having fixed start/end dates for module/topic is not going to work, as they have to be variable and different for each trainee. This is solved by enabling another setting of course session - “Allow learner's access to module/topic based on their start dates”. This feature enables rolling start/end dates for each module/topic for each trainee. Trainee’s access to the module/topic is advanced by how many days after the course session start date the trainee has joined the course session. 
Read out more details about these settings in the knowledgebase article - http://support.edubrite.com/oltpublish/site/cms.do?view=course_session_configuration