Report Options

Report specific options and periodic reports (site admins/Group admins) can be enabled from Reports -> Reports Options.  For periodic reports site feature ' ' should be enabled.

Daily Reports

  • Daily New User Report
  • Daily Transaction Report 
  • Daily Course completion 
  • Daily Compliance Summary 

Weekly Reports

  • Weekly new user report 
  • Weekly transaction report 
  • Weekly course completion report 
  • Weekly compliance summary report 
  • Weekly program enrollment report 
  • Weekly program completion due report 
  • Weekly group activities report 
  • Weekly topic report 
  • Weekly group new member report 
  • Weekly group course completion report 
  • Weekly program completion due report for group members
  • Weekly program enrollment report for group members 
  • Weekly compliance summary report for group members

Monthly Reports

  • Monthly compliance summary report 
  • Monthly program enrollment report 
  • Monthly program completion due report


  • Ignore tests/surveys without any attempted questions 

If this option is enabled, Test/survey attempts in which user has not answered even a single question will be excluded from question statistics report.

  • Download User details for Survey Reports 

By default username is not included in survey downloaded report, This option can be enabled If you want to include username in survey downloaded report.

  • Download Group Names for Reports

Group name column can be added in course enrollment/program enrollment downloaded report. In group column leaf level groups are listed. 

  • Show only user's Org groups in downloaded reports

If group names are enabled for downloaded report, groups those should be listed can be tagged using group's custom property. custom property name and value can be specified in site details -> security tab using fields 'Group property for determining org group of users' and 
'Group property value for determining org group of users'.

Please refer to article Batch Reports for details about periodic reports