Release on May 21, 2012

Here are the new features and changes in this release.  

New Features

  • Site feature customizations - Site administrators can now enable / disable various optional features in their microsites from Site Admin->Site Details->Features. Some features like virtual classroom and commerce are premium features and besides enabling them in your site, please contact for more details.
  • Linking lessons created in one course with other courses - In the course editor, you can update the course properties to make a course shared resource. Once a course is created as shared resource, its lessons can be linked into other courses. While creating a new lesson, you will now get a new option to link the lesson from other courses.



  • MP3 support in lessons - now you can also attach MP3 files to any lesson (just like a video), or use an MP3 just as an audio only lesson. Usage is similar to how you would have attached a Video to a lesson, or created a video only lesson


  • Program - program is not made as a separate feature which can be enabled or disabled by the site admin in the microsite. It was enabled by default before, but now it needs to be manually enabled 
  • Course Sesstion Settings
  • Changes:
    • Enforcing end dates of modules and topics in course sessions - You can now enforce the end dates of specific modules and topics in courses sessions, by setting the property in course session's settings
    • Hide unavailable items - You can now hide the unavailable module/topics from the course player from learners. This can be used when you are setting up the schedule for specific module and topic and want to not show the content of the module/topic until the start date. 
    • Enforce lesson duration - You can now set duration at lesson level and enforce it by setting this property, once set, learners will have access to the lesson only for the duration specified for lesson in the course editor.
    • Learner's access to module/topic based on date of joining - When you create a course session with specific dates for each module/topic, this setting can be used to allow learner's who are joining the session late, to have access to the module/topic. When enabled, the start/end dates of module/topic for any learner will be advanced by the number of days since the course-session's start date he/she joined. This can be used to implement a rolling access to course session regardless of when you join the session.
  • Editing start/end dates and status of learner in the course session
  • Course's size display in course listing and course details page (displayed only to instructors and admin) 
  • Ability to randomly select N questions from another test, while importing questions from other tests (in test editor)

Other smaller changes

  • Caption of My menu item is changed to My Items
  • My Items menu now has two additional items, Enrolled Courses and Assignments