Release Notes - April 12th 2012

1. Exam creation - by default simple scheduler will be opened, with a link to exam wizard. Simple scheduler will allow creation of exam using a single test. In the Exam wizard, you will generally find only 2 steps as opposed to 3 steps (3rd step was adding external candidates, which is now a separate feature, and is disabled by default). 
2. Course session creation - by default simple schedule will be opened, with a link to other options.
3. Test list - ui enhancements to present the information on the page in better way, no functional changes are done on this page
4. Add candidate in exam - ui enhancements and simplification of options. A new option is added to select the users for specific group, while adding the candidates in site level exams. You will see adding external candidate option, only if the External Candidate feature is enabled in the site.
5. External users - now external user is a Role which can be enabled by enabling external user feature in site (sysadmin controlled). Once enabled, then only exam will provide option for adding external users. User counts will be shown separately for internal users and total users. License max user checking will be still based in internal users.