Program Bundle

Just like program is a collection of courses, a program bundle is a collection of programs. Program bundle is a special type of program which allows adding individual programs as components. It doesn't support nesting though, so you can't have a bundle added to another bundle.

  • First create component programs and session for each component program those will be used in program bundle.
  • Create program bundle same way as program is created, only difference for bundle you should select program type as 'Program bundle'. Add component program in program bundle. [Note:  'Program bundle' should be enabled in your site then only program type 'program bundle' is available.]
  • For enrollment in program bundle a program session must be created for program bundle. If it's a paid session it'll be listed in the catalog for self enrollment.
  • When enrolling in program session for the bundle, user will be enrolled in all component program's sessions.
  • Completion (award) of bundle happens when learner either completes all component programs or earns minimum credits specified for the bundle completion.