Tune up user's dashboard in microsite

Tune up user's dashboard in microsite

This week we are sharing few tips about how you can customize the contents that gets displayed on user's dashboard. But first, here are some enhancements we released this week:

  • Small enhancements in the Accounts and Settings page, which has a new Password management tab, and easy way to upload your picture.
  • Personal edition users can now begin their trial of business edition, by a simplified signup page which only requires you to enter the training site url you want
  • Enhanced and easy to use Payment page for business edition users

Tips of the week:
As the microsite owner (or administrator) here are few things you can do to fine tune the information displayed on the dashboard for all users:

  • Custom message: You can add a message panel to the dashboard with content specific to the admins, instructors or learners by using the Site Placements feature. You can use this to add custom navigation links, instructions and greetings (with rich formatted text and media) for your users. Just open the placements listing from Site Admin -> Placements menu and add content in Home Page - Top Panel placements specific to the role. To learn more about this check this article
  • Time sensitive announcements: You can create a small announcements which is displayed only between specific dates by using the Site Messages feature. The site message gets displayed on every user's dashboard. To create a message just go to Site Admin -> Site Messages. To learn more about this check this article
  • Panels on dashboard: Users see several panels on the dashboard (like Enrolled Courses, Messages etc) which are personalized to their specific role and other conditions. These panels can be made visible or invisible by the user from Account -> Dashboard Options. As a site admin, you also configure visibility of dashboard panels for all the users in your site and optionally lock the changes by users. To learn more about this check this article

We hope these tips will help you configure your microsite to make it easier for your users. Next week, we’ll be back with more updates and tips. If you have any question, feel free to post them in the User Community on support.edubrite.com. For common questions you can check FAQs on the support site.