Is it course or course session?

In this weekly update, we are sharing some information about recent enhancements and few best practices tips.


  • We added support for rearranging questions in a test. You can now use Up and Down arrow buttons in the test editor, to move a question or passage.
  • Enhancements in handling choice randomization of multiple choice questions. Now you can exclude All of the above or None of the above kind of choices in a question from getting resequenced if choice randomization option was selected. You can now specify additional options to control choice randomization for specific question in the test.
  • New help and quick tutorials are available now from the Help link in the application. The quick tutorials are designed to walk you thru with the essential product features in approx. 2 minute each, which would be definitely handy for new users, and Getting Started presentation will explain some essential concepts about the product and help you use the product in much better manner.
  • New help is also added in Course Editor, which will help you understand Course Management feature and workflow involved in creating, scheduling, enrolling and monitoring the trainings.

Tips of the week:

Now the most popular question we get asked - What's the difference between course and course session. Well, this is something unique to EduBrite. We separate the course (resource) from its delivery (course session), and therefore this question often comes up. 

  • You can share a course with few groups or with all users of the site, by using site level authorization, or authorizing course to specific groups. But this is good only in informal learning environments.
  • For formal trainings, always make your courses private to specific groups, and schedule its delivery (scheduled course is called course session). Trainee’s progress is recorded only when they are enrolled in the course session.
  • Course sessions are not only useful for completely self paced trainings, but they also support instructor led activities such as assignments, attendance and manual grading.

You can open the Help and view the Getting Started slides which explain this and few other concepts in detail.

To everyone in USA, we wish a very happy thanksgiving week. Next week, we’ll be back with more updates and tips. If you have any question, feel free to post them in the User Community on