Multi Source Feedback

Multi Source Feedback

Multi source feedback (or 360 degrees feedback) is a survey conducted to collect feedback (rating) about an employee in an organization from his/her subordinates, peers and managers. The employee can also rate himself/herself as part of a MSF event. This is done by creating a specialized form of survey questionnaire with ratable questions (VGR / HGR question types). Each question represents a competency which is being assessed, and has sub-questions related to that competency under it. The rating for each question is also defined as choices, with appropriate weights assigned, weight is used to calculate average rating under a competency for reporting.


Objectives of the test are defined as follows to capture all the competencies being measured in the test, with min and max points possible for each.

Each question is then mapped to specific objective via custom properties


Once the test is ready, a MSF Event can be scheduled for any employee. The event requires selection of a user for whom the MSF will be collected. Other participants are added in the event with specific roles - as peer, manager and subordinates.  Each participant then completes the online survey and the system provides an average rating at the end of the event which is categorized by ratings from subordinates, peers, managers and self. HR departments can get valuable inputs from this kind of survey as part of performance/competency analysis of employees.


Select the create 360 feedback from the menu


Select an employee for whom the feedback is required

Select the required MSF Survey test.

Add candidates in the survey for specific role (peer, manager, report to)

The list of candidates would look like this which shows role for each added candidate.


Once the feedback is submitted by each user in the event, system would calculate average ratings and provide the reports like this.