Joining group during signup

User can self join a group at registration time. After setting up group's hierarchical structure based on organization's departments or customer's group, next step is to setup a group enrollment flow.

In every micro-site a TRAINING group is auto created during site setup, This group is setup as 'auto enroll all site users'. All site users gets automatically added in TRAINING group once they register or side admin creates a new user account.

Selecting a group at registration Page

  • Groups enrollment can be enabled on registration page by enabling setting "Show groups in Signup page", This setting is present in  site details -> User Interface tab. 
  • Once group enrollment is enabled on signup page, Groups drop down appears on signup page. It's mandatory to select a group at signup time.
  • How to control group listing in signup dropdown:

Groups present in dropdown - Groups those are set with Membership - 'Open to all' will be listed in dropdown for selection. 

Groups not present in dropdown - Groups those you don't want to show in dropdown should be set with Membership as 'By Invite'

  • When a user is added in any group at any level, the system would add the user implicitly to the parent group. If the parent group was not top level the process will be repeated until the top level group is reached.
  • Adding a  'Others' group in drop down - Selecting a group is mandatory on signup page If you think there might be users those doesn't belong to any of the listed group. You can create a 'Others' group for these users and place a instruction for users to join that group if don't find a right group.
  • Notification about a new members:  Joining a group at registration time allows users to enroll in any of the listed group. A group level settings can be enabled to send a notification email to group admin when a new user self join a group. It's enabled by group - Options - Email Notification - 'Send email to Admin on user self joining the group'

Auto enrolling users in a group

Another way of enrolling users in different groups at registration time is enrolling users in respective groups based on user's email domain. To setup this process follow below steps.

  • Setup groups using domain restriction, In a group if a domain is specified as 'Allowed Email Domains'. To enroll in this group member email should have allowed email domain. This restriction is enforced even while admin is adding a member to a group.

  • Enable 'Auto Enroll site users in this group' in the groups those user can auto join following 'allowed email domain' restriction.