Jira Service Management - EduBrite LMS Integration

​EduBrite's app for Jira Service Management allows you to connect Jira with your EduBrite LMS microsite. 


EduBrite app for Jira Service Management (server) is a paid via Atlassian app. App price is 25% of the Jira price. Note that you will have to pay for the EduBrite LMS separately which you will connect via the app.


  • Install the EduBrite LMS app in Jira 
  • Go to Add-Ons->EduBrite->Configuration page and enter the connection parameters (you will get these parameter values from your EduBrite LMS microsite's Integration settings)
  • Click on Re-Connect link to test the connection settings, if everything was correctly entered, then you should see a green Connected status


User Management

Each user who accesses the EduBrite app, will have their account created in the LMS, if auto provisioning setting is enabled in LMS. If auto provisioning is not enabled, then users must be setup using the User Management screen or by options available in LMS. 

​EduBrite's app for Jira Service Management provides following features

  • ​On customer portal, it shows training recommendations when customers search for any existing solution for their problems before they create a new support request 
  • Customers can enroll in trainings and launch self paced courses right from search results or from integrated training dashboard
  • Agents can see customer's Training History, from the issue details page, and they can also search and recommends trainings to customers as part of issue resolution 

Training Search - Customer Portal 

As the customer starts searching for an existing solution by entering some text, EduBrite app will search for matching trainings (course sessions, courses and events) in the LMS and provide these suggestions. Depending on the properties of the event, course session and course and user's enrollment status and permission, they will be allowed to self enroll and launch these trainings. For Instructor led classes, only enrollment is done and there is no launch option. 

Training Dashboard Menu

Customers can access the full training dashboard from the top level menu that shows user's picture. 

View Issue Page

On the issue details page, the EduBrite app will automatically show last few completed trainings by the issue's reporter. There will also be a link to open the full training history of the reporter. These options are useful for the Agents who are working on resolving the issue. Agents can also perform a manual search for Training and recommend to the customer via comments. 

Training Dashboard

Training dashboard provides customers the ability to take courses from within Jira Service Management application.