INXPO Integration

EduBrite & INXPO integration supports the following actions 

  • Create events : Integration is now available to create Inxpo events directly from LMS side.
  • Import events from INXPO :  Events created in INXPO site can be imported in the LMS site. Event's Description and Instructor info will be imported in Import event action. 
  • Registration : In LMS site, users can register for an event imported from INXPO, and user's registration is automatically performed on INXPO through integration.
  • Start/Join : Admins/Instructors can Start the event from the LMS, and registered users can Join the event from the LMS,
  • Import attendance : Attendance can be imported from the INXPO site.
    • If a user joins an event from the LMS, user's attendance is marked in the LMS.
    • For users who directly join the event on INXPO, attendance has to be imported into the LMS.

Follow the following steps to enable INXPO Integration.

Step 1 :

Go to Site Admin->Site Details and open Online Event Integrations tab

Enable INXPO Integration and Enter API_KEY and API_SECRET provided by INXPO.

API_KEY =  INXPO User Auth Code

API_SECRET = INXPO User Credentials

Step 2:  Import Event

Step 2.1 - Open events tab in any course session, and click on Create Event menu.


Step 2.2 - Click Import button to get list of INXPO Events.

Step 2.3 - Select event to import into EduBrite LMS application from list of featured event and then click next.

Step 2.4 - If required, modify event access type and click on save.

Step 3 - Enroll and Join an Event

Step 3.1- Learners can register and join an Event by clicking an Enroll, if Event access type is anything other than By Invite.

Registration is done as viewers on INXPO as well upon clicking the Enroll button.

Step 3.2 - Learner can join an Event on clicking the join Conference button. This button appears as soon as the event is in progress.


Step 3.3 -

Admin/Instructor can start the event using Start button. (User gets registered as event admin on INXPO)

Step 4 - Import attendance.

Step 4.1 - Import attendance from INXPO by clicking on Import attendance button.

Step 5 - Another way to import multiple events.

Step 5.1 - Goto View Events ->  Click on Import INXPO Webcast.

Step 5.2 - Select events and select course session in corresponding course session column, then click on Import.

Unregister Event.

User registration will be cancelled on INXPO side as well upon clicking Cancel enrollment.