Group Membership

There are multiple ways a user may be added to a group. When a user is added to any group at any level, the system will add the user implicitly to the parent group (if not already found). If the parent group was not top-level, the process will be repeated until the top-level group is reached.

Automatic group enrollment

  • At the group level, there is a setting 'Auto Enroll Site Users in this group'. If that's enabled for a group, when a new account is created (self-registration/ by admin) the user gets added in that group.
  • Domain-based automatic enrollment - In a group, email domains can be added as an 'allowed domain'. Along with the allowed domain, if 'auto enroll Site users in this group' is enabled, all site users having an email with one of the allowed domains will be added in that group at the time of account creation (self-registration or account creation by admin).

Adding user to a group

      A Site Admin/Group Admin can add a user to the group during account creation or at a later time. Please refer to the article managing group members; it covers all possible ways a site admin/ group admin can add a user to a group.

Joining a group during signup

  •  If the group dropdown is present on the signup page, it will list all groups having membership as 'open to all' and the user can select any group at registration time. You can refer to the article joining group during signup.
  • Adding a user to a group using custom script on signup page: a custom script can be added in the signup page placement to add users to specific groups.

Joining a group during a Session enrollment

  • Course sessions or program sessions are created in a group. When a user enrolls in a course session from the catalog, the user gets enrolled in the course session's parent group. Similarly, upon enrollment to a program session, the user also gets added to the program's parent group.

[Please Note - If the course session's or program session's access type is 'open', those course sessions will be available for enrollment only if the user is a member of that group]

Joining a group upon coupon use

  • Coupons can be associated with a group along with that if the coupon's setting 'Add user to group' is enabled. When a user enrolls in a course session/program session using that coupon, the user will be added to that group. [If the 'add user to group' setting is not enabled, a coupon can be used only by members of the coupon's associated group.]

Self enroll in a public group

If the group has the 'Open membership' type and is publicly visible, then non-members can join the group themselves by opening the group details and clicking on the Join button.

Self Leaving a Group

Similarly, once the user has become a member of a group, they can leave the group voluntarily also, by clicking on the Leave button. After the user leaves the group, their existing course session enrollments will still be valid, but they will not be able to enroll in new sessions which are part of that group. The self leave option is disabled by default but can be enabled by editing the groups and setting the Allow Self Leave option.

Requesting a group membership

If the group is publicly visible but has membership type set to 'by request', then non-members would see a Request Membership button on the group details page. Clicking on it will send a membership request to the group admin.

  • The group admin would receive a notification to approve or reject the membership request.
  • User group member status is in 'pending' status.
  • From the group members tab, the admin can approve the request. 
  • Upon approval, the user's group member status becomes 'active' and an approval notification is sent to the user.

Canceling membership request

Once the request is posted, you will see a Cancel request button. Click on it to cancel the request.

Admin view for approving/rejecting a group membership request.