External Content in Lesson

To use external content like embed tags or iframe, you can use the Online Edited lesson from the lesson's properties tab. Here is an example of how to use external content.

Step1: Create a lesson using the online editor option.

Step2: Add any embeddable content you like. Go to the Source view by using the toolbar button.


Step3: Go to your favorite content site, and get the embed tag. Following is an example from Ted Talks.

Step4: Copy and paste the above code in the source view in the lesson.


That's' it. Now you can view the course by clicking on the Preview button in the toolbar. When you open the newly created lesson, it would show the content as below.

Important: Note that if you insert HTTP URLs (and not https) some browsers may not load the embedded content and you will get a Mixed Content warning. Best is to get HTTPS URLs for external content (if the site supports it) or instruct the learners to make the necessary setting change in the browser.