Exam Visibility

The visibility criteria for result (and also score) of a test when taken as part of an exam is dependent on the role of the user. The following separately discusses the visibility for the evaluator and the learner (who has taken the test).


User Role - Evaluator

The evaluator would have no access of the score sheet till the time the learner is in the middle of taking the test. Once the test is submitted by the learner, the evaluator would have unrestricted access to the score sheet and the access is not dependent on any other factor.


User Role - Learner

For the learner, the visibility depends on the following three attributes.

  • Whether the test requires manual evaluation (ex if it has one or more essay type questions) and if yes, whether the test has been evaluated by the evaluator
  • Result Visibility property of the test
  • Current status of the exam

The check for visibility of a score sheet is done strictly in the following order.

  1. If a test requires manual evaluation, then it is mandatory that the evaluator evaluates the test for it to become visible. Refer to Manual Test Evaluation process for more details.
  2. If the exam is in running state, then the visibility is entirely dependent on the Result Visibility property for the test as specified during its authoring. The visibility follows strictly what is specified in the test.
  3. If the exam has already finished, then the complete score sheet (result and all individual question scores) is entirely visible to the learner and is not dependent on the Result Visibility property of the test.

Non visible score sheet

The following shows a snapshot of a locked score sheet (as it appears to a learner)