Exam Troubleshooting

Supported Browsers

For a better experience, use the latest versions of Internet browsers e.g. Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Sometimes the plugins or add-ons installed in the browser may interfere with Javascript, so we recommend you to take a practice test from your machine and browser before the exam to make sure you can take the test properly.


Multiple Browser Sessions Disallowed

It is not allowed to have multiple browser sessions opened by a candidate. As soon as the candidate logs in from another browser, his previous session will be terminated. In case of a browser crash or machine restart, you can log in again and resume your test by going to the My Items->Test History page and clicking on the in-progress test attempt.


Other Issues

If candidates experience internet connectivity problems, they will get the following message. Unless the test is adaptive, candidates can continue taking the test by moving to the next questions. The application keeps trying to save the unsaved responses every 2 minutes; candidates can hit the Save button anytime as well to see if the connectivity issue has been resolved. Do not try to login from another browser as your previous session will get terminated.


Each test attempt by each student is secured by a secure token, which gets auto refreshed upon every save. In case the user tries to open a second tab, a token mismatch will occur and their test will no longer get saved from the previous tab. Only one browser session/tab can be used during the exam, and that is the most recent one.  If this error occurs, close all browser windows and re-login and resume the test.

When you get an error message that says Session Not Active, it means someone else has also logged on with the same username, which resulted in this session getting terminated. Do not wait for a long time once you get the session termination error, it won't help in any way; simply close that browser and log in again.


There is an automatic save of answers every 2 minutes by the application, and in case of any network connection error, you would get an error message. Temporary connectivity issues are auto-resolved on the next attempt of Save. A manual save (via the Save button) can also be done from time to time to avoid losing answers for lots of questions. If that happens, try to go back to the dashboard and open the test again. 


When reporting any problems, please provide all the troubleshooting steps you did locally and what your observations were in detail with relevant screenshots. In most cases, they indicate local network issues or user error (like multiple logins, browsers, tabs). Sometimes students may be cheating and people log in from outside the center also (we have observed this based on the IP addresses).




Allowing more time for a test, or Allowing re-attempt (Only in a scheduled exam)

In case of a candidate having a problem with test-taking, you may be required to allow more time to specific candidates or even allow them to retake the test in an exam. This can be done as long as the Exam is still in In Progress status (has not reached its end date and time). From the Results tab, just select the specific candidate, and click on either Allow Reattempt or Add Time button. When Allowing Reattempt, the older test attempt doesn't get deleted from the system; it just gets unlinked from the exam. Candidates can log in again and they will be allowed to start with a fresh test attempt.


In the case of Add Time, the existing test attempt is put in a Paused state and the remaining time in the attempt is updated. The candidate can resume their test any time before the end date-time of the exam. All their previously saved responses will get saved.