Exam Management

Exam management allows the creation of events to deliver tests and/or surveys. To set up an exam, you need to first create the test (or survey) and then publish it. An exam can then be created at the site level, within a group, or for a course session. 

Site Level Exam

Use the Create Exam menu as shown below.

Specify the exam name, date, duration

Select an existing test

Click the 'Select a test for Exam' link at the top of the form. A dialog box will open from which you can select the test for the exam and then click Submit.


Once all the details are filled in, click on Save to create the exam. Once the exam is created, you will get an additional link on the page to view the full details of the exam and Add Candidates (for Group and Site level exams).


Exam at Group Level

Navigate to the group for which you wish to create an exam. Go to the Events tab and select Create Exam from the Create menu.

In case the Events tab is not visible then go to the Overview tab, edit the group using the Edit link, go to the Options tab and enable the Event in the Features section.

The rest of the process is the same as creating an exam at the site level.


Exam For a Course Session

'End of course exam' is used in special cases, where you want to award the course completion and certificate to students, based on their result at the end of the course exam. There can be one or more 'end of course exams' in a course session; passing any one of those will award the course to the student.

For this setup, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a course and authorize a group for delivery
  2. Create a Course Session
  3. Enable course session feature settings for Event and Exam
  4. Create the Exam - select the 'Course End Exam' setting
  5. Add learners to the exam

Course Session Settings -

Create Exam

Go to the course session details page and use the Create Exam option in the Events menu to start creating the exam.

Once you click on the  Create Exam, a dialog will open similar to the Site level exam, but in this case, you get an additional option to specify whether or not this exam is an End of Course Exam.



Create Exam from an Existing Test

An alternate way to create an exam is available from the Test Listing page and Test Editor.

Creating an Exam from a Test Listing

You can click on the calendar icon to schedule a published test.


Creating Exam from Test Editor

You can also schedule a test from inside the test editor, after it is published.

In both cases, you will get an option to select a group (optional) and course session (after you select a group) to create an exam for a specific group or course session.


Once you select a group, all course sessions from the group will be available in the course session dropdown menu.