Event enrollment with approval

Online or classroom training events can be setup within course sessions and these events are listed in catalog for self enrollment.

  • Users can enroll in the events by completing online payment process. 
  • Paid events can be listed as free event for specific group, if a free access coupon is setup for a group. 

Setting Free Access Coupon Code

A free access coupon can be setup for a group to make event free for users for a specific group. When a logged in user, accesses  the course catalog, system checks whether a free access code is present for a group, that this user is member of. If finds a valid coupon, in catalog item 'Enroll' button is presented in place of 'Buy' button for that event.

There are two types of free coupon code

A. Pre-approved - If a pre-approved coupon is present for user's group, user can directly enroll in the event. No additional verification/approval needed. For setting pre-approved coupon, You just need to create a group associated coupon no additional setting is required.

B. Requires Group Admin Approval - If coupon code is configured with the setting 'Require approval', User initiates the enrollment process by clicking 'Enroll' button and enrollment stays in 'pending approval status'. Group admin/site admin needs to approve the enrollment to make it active.

Enrollment flow 

Enrollment flow for group members when group associated coupon requires approval. 

Catalog list View for group members 

When a user access the catalog, If user is a member of a group that has a valid free coupon code, User will be presented 'Enroll' button. Using enroll button user can initiate the enrollment process.


Once user clicks 'Enroll' button, Enrollment goes into 'pending for approval' status and on overview page, user receives the approval pending message. Approval pending status also appears in catalog.

Catalog list also shows pending approval status for that event.

Event widget in user's dashboard also shows event in 'pending for approval' status.

Approval Requested Email

Group admin receives a approval needed email when a approval is needed for an enrollment

Group Admin - pending approval list

List shows group members event enrollment pending for approval, Group admin has option to approve/reject these enrollment.


Once enrollment is approved, Event widget on learner's dashboard shows event status as subscribed.