Email Verification

You can enable email verification feature in your microsite by going to Site Admin->Email Settings.

Once enabled it works as follows

  • System maintain two email fields for every user, one which is current and the other which is verified. The current field can be updated by user anytime from accounts and settings.
  • Users would get the Verify Email button on their profile page as well as on the top menubar. This will appear till they perform the verification step


  • To verify the email, user can click on the Verify Email button from their accounts & settings. This will send a system generated email to them

  • Once they click on the link sent in email and login (if not already logged in), their current email will be copied to verified email field.

  • Verified email field can not be updated directly from the accounts and settings page
  • All users, created by admin have their verified email field set to their initial email
  • All users created via self signup process, have their verified email field blank unless Email Confirmation on Self Signup is enabled
  • All users created via single signon integration with Google and Atlassian confluence, have their verified email set to initial email