Script - Recommended courses in Completion mail

Using Velocity script a data file can be accessed and using that data email content can be customized. Data Source can be created using CMS.

Use Case :

In Course completion email if you want to specify few recommended course that can be taken after completing a course.

List Creation : You can create a list of - Main Course , Next Recommended courses  as a Data Source using CMS

Data Source Example - using JSON array specify Completed course code and specify recommended courses those can be taken after this course.


{ "completedCourse_code": "C1", "recommended": [{ "id": "<rec_CourseSessionId_1>"} ,{"id":"rec_CourseSessionId_2"} ]  },
{ "completedCourse_code": "C1", "recommended": [{ "id":"9af10841-3f72-11e4-af7c-00163e006318"} ,{"id":"b4ab39ec-3f72-11e4-af7c-00163e006318"} ]
{ completedCourse_code": "C2", "recommended": [{"id":"1e8b1bdc-3f73-11e4-af7c-00163e006318"} ,{"id":"447e1ba0-3f73-11e4-af7c-00163e006318"}] }

Template customization :

Edit template - "Course Completed Notification to Learner"

Velocity Code - Reads recommended course list and If there is any recommended courses present for the course that user has completed. Pull those recommended course's course session id specified in data source and Course Names. These Course Name and Course Session enrollment link can be placed in Course completion email.

Customized code - Please contact support team for customizing this case.

Sample Email :

Dear Test User,

You have successfully completed the Basic Training Course  (View transcript).

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